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  1. Please can someone tell me how to add this to my game. I have a ton of other mods running. The download shows a config file so will this work if i just drop it into my mods folder ?
  2. great looking mod only prob is i have no idea how to download it from that github link can someone help me
  3. Hi thanks for these mods they are awsome. my only problem is that i used your 60 slot back pack and it gives me 60 slots but the tool belt is now longer and has a second row which overlaps the back pack. Anyways to fix this ?
  4. can someone please post the correct download link to this page please so that i know i have the correct download. and then i would very much appreciate it if some one could explain in complete dummy english how to install this mod. i have tried extracting the files to my 7dtd folder and replacing existing files but game gives me black screen on load up. i then tried opening the game from the application within the 7dtd folder and it loaded up - did all the settings and it started to load the new game but threw a billion errors at me and would not load the game. some of the errors were to do with missing or cant read prefabs and alot were nul reference. some serious help would be most appreciated here as the DF mod looks so awsome i just want to play it asap thanks
  5. Hi this mod is not working for me. i copied my config folder as back up and i verified files to make it vanila. i follwed the instructions to install it and when i load the game i get black screen. i tried turning off easy anti cheat and the game wont even attempt to start. not sure why theres so much messing about to make this work. why cant it be so that we can just drag and drop the folders and replace existing ? job done start game, please can you help me fix this so i can play this awsome mod
  6. Does this work on alpha 18 using steam ? i followed the steps but cant seem to make it work
  7. I’d like to see a book that when read teaches the player to be able to shoot fire balls, electric and ice balls from his hands which then sets the zombie on fire, electric buzzing round them or freezes / slows zombie down. Then have it with a cool down time or another kind of energy bar.
  8. Looking for some help with this. We have a 7 day horde I want an eighth day horde as well containing only dogs bears and vultures Then a ninth day horde containing all feral. I want them to still get harder each time and follow the game stage rules. Any help let me know thanks
  9. It would be nice to see Actual spiders that are infected Crocodiles Fish Cats Goats Bees Birds Tigers Flamethrowers An actual water pump system with pipes that need to be linked up to a sink to get water. A radar system to open the entire map - craftable at mid to late game. Vehicle music Easier xml file like Alpha16 was. Extra xml files for other entities, blocks and items which don’t really go with the game just for fun such as dinosaurs which we could just copy and paste in to game files.
  10. I would like it if zombies could drown in water after some time. This would allow for a wider range of base ideas and a little more realism. There should also be water zombies- zombies that have snookel gear on but can walk on land too.
  11. Personally I think this game is too easy right now so I thought about the horde night. It would be nice to have the 7 day horde as normal. then an 8th day horde which contains say just dogs vultures and bears. Then a 9th day horde which is everything but feral. Obviously keeping it’s so each 7 days they get harder. If there is a way to do this via changing game files, please can someone tell me which file and a general idea how to do it. Thanks
  12. Hi please help me with this issue. Iv just DL SDX and unity and followed the tutorial to add the cube and katakana in to my 7dtd game. Game is 100% vanilla. But on starting up the game I get the command box saying something to do with easy anti cheat and won’t load up. Iv tried loading the game normally through steam and it works fine. Iv tried turning off easy anti cheat in steam and loading it up through SDX but still get that error. Please any help ?
  13. If you go in to your items folder and find a machete or something you don’t really use often in game and simply change the delay value to make it way faster. I did this with a machete and now I can sprint while cutting the grass. Is so fast
  14. Edit I know I could probably do this myself but can you make the sinks give murky water. Then have it so we can upgrade the sinks to allow it to give clean water. Then just make the lakes smaller and empty jars, bottles of murky and clean water much more rare to find because the a16.4 setup is far too easy. Also having to connect the sinks to a power outlet to be able to use them to get water would make it more challenging.
  15. ah mannnn so i got it working and all but its a massive massive let down that all the files are messy. now its like 100 times harder to make any changes can you upload another download file where the files are tidy - like how the game originally gave us the files. Also the ovens are not working and are just lootable like normal and the sinks dont give water when clicked on with empty jar
  16. can someone explain to me or drop me a link for a youtube video of how i can create new enemies and animals for 7DTD. i really like it when the game is populated with all different creatures, animals, birds, crocodiles, fish ect and be able to interact with them - like kill them for meat ect. i would really like to give it a go to make my perfect version of the game thanks
  17. dinosaurs and zombie dinosaurs in game or a dinosaurs mod i think that would look so good in this game maybe as a mod
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