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Survivors W/ Own Type of Skill-Set & Etc


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Think about this, you have your survivor and he/she have a certain specific skill set. Let's say you want your survivor to be a Blacksmith, so you get the first level of each skill(s) that contributes to being a Blacksmith (Weapon smithing, Gun smithing, armor smithing)!

Now I know this is found in mods like War of The Walkers but, I think you can really go into depth with this in vanilla but, have a limit to do so.

Speaking about limits, if you are a Blacksmith (or whatever your type is) you can't go max on certain skills like, being a chemist (science skill) or a mechanic (bad mechanic skill) or a construction worker (construction skill). The current limit on bad mechanic is like level 3 (right? lol) and you are a blacksmith, you can only go to level 1 and that's it! See where I'm coming from?

Now I feel like this doesn't need to be a thing for the base game, maybe you can have the choice to do so by turning it on or off in the modded settings before you create your world. I sometimes like having the freedom to choose what I want and want to max out every skill (if I even can lol). But I think it would make the game more interesting to play at times and give ourselves a challenge but still having fun.

What do you guys think? Any recommendations or anything to build off of this idea?


I hope you guys (FunPimps) can consider this in the near future! :smile-new:

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