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Q about localization


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hi all

I am trying to making and complete the translation of "localization.txt and localization - quest.txt" of a mod, but, although I do it according to the indications at the top of the file, some things are translated correctly in the game and others are not.


Noting that, I tried to move some lines close to others on the same types of things and, for once, the translation is done.


So, I was wondering if there was not a syntax, a placement in the file or a precise order to respect.


For example, a line about food with its line of description, placed after, at the end of the file is not necessarily translated, whereas if I place it near others that are translated normally in the game, higher in the file, at this point, the line is well processed and translated.


So, I come back to my question. Is there an order, a syntax to respect in this file so that everything is taken and treated correctly?


An idea, for example:


- parameters, menus

- entities

- articles

- objects

- food

- weapons

- blocks

- challenge

- recipes


Etc., etc. This is just one example of how things could be arranged in this file.



So, if anyone knew this predefined order and could tell me or refer me to a reference describing this order, to get to do what I want, I would be a taker.



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