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A Doom mod?


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Has anyone toyed with the idea of making a Doom mod? The built in monster animations should work, there are plenty of guns, we now have enough of a skill tree, and admit it, the whole zombie monster thing is dead. :rapture:


Plus with Doom Eternal coming out, this could feel similar but as a survival game rather than a fast FPS game.


Convert the zombie monsters over to Doom like monsters.

Tweak the weapons so you can make some of the doom weapons, and use the generator bank to charge the electrical and plasma weapon magazines.

Even the biome's work great for this.


I would enjoy working with a team to try this, but I can't lead it as I am making my own game, Auto Carnage!, a mix of Death Race and Tribes 2 combat, and Burnout Paradise City large environment.


Come on, someone do it!!

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