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Lobby for MP setup?


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So I have been on a couple servers now and seen that they have some kind of Lobby system in place where everyone spawns into. Most also included a Trading post inside of it that was custom with up to 4 traders inside.


Question is, how do we set that up (Using ServerTools which gives me the options to do that).

I know how to set the coordinates and area that's fine.


But if We want to make it protected from everything like an actual Trading Outpost that is secure Not using the prebuilt ones.

Example Skippy3 server does this very nicely, wanted to know how can we create that or something like that ourselves?


I have searched the Forums and can find nothing on the topic however, I have seen it done in many places just no one is sharing how this was done. Was it possibly done using a claim block from an admin perhap?


- Thanks

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