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Need help with localization.txt


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I created 2 new perks, one is called Eagle eye. It is a damage perk for Archery.

The other is Gun Fabrication which allows the crafting of gun parts.


I get the perks in my skill list but the description is messed up and just says EAGLEEYEDESC

and the other just says GUNFABRICATIONDESC


but neither have any text after them.

This is what I put in my localization.txt


eagleEyeDesc,progression,Perk,EnChanged,Your practiced eye allows you to do more damage with any bow.

gunFabricationDesc,progression,Perk,EnChanged,This skill allows you to craft various gun parts.


eagleEye,progression,Perk,KgNone,Eagle Eye

gunFabrication,progression,Perk,KgNone,Gun Fabrication


I tried with Skill instead of Perk in the localization.txt and still no description when i bring up skill list in game.


This is on a rented server, i dont know if it makes a difference.

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Just did that and it works, thanks. I guess everyone that joins my server needs to load the new localization.txt


Quick question, this just doesnt display the description. If someone who plays doesnt want to modify the .txt file they will still be able to buy the skill and get the perks right?

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