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Ps4 multiplayer problem (connection with PSN Lost)


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Hi everybody, I'm from italy.

I have changed my internet connection in my House and I cant play with my friend in a online game

The problem is only with him, we have The same internet connection and provider but it seems like our console cant Connect together.

If he invites me in the game, I'll open the loading screen and say that the connection to the PSN has been Lost idem if I invite it he can Read the same problem in his console. If instead I try to play online without him in any game I can do everything

What can I do?

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Sounds like he is the one with the problem. He can't host and can't join properly? Tell him to get a better internet connection or a new service provider because whatever he's running on won't support multiplayer online service. He can try to port to different DNS servers and see if that gets it running smoothly. Here is a link to different DNS servers https://ps4dns.com/fastest-dns-servers-ps4/

If you guys don't understand how to change the DNS settings here is a link to a youtube video explaining how to do so

Hope that helps, if not he is S.O.L and needs to inves some money in a stronger service provider.

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Hi TommytheMajor,


I am sorry to hear you are having issues with connecting with your friend. Can you confirm for me the following details for both of your connections:


Host or Client / Player:

Upload Speeds (while playing the game):

Download Speeds (While playing the game):

NAT type:

Wired or Wireless connection:

Internet Service Provider (ISP):

Router connected to console:

How many console connected to same router:


I assume before the change that you were both able to connect without issue?


For the best connections it's best to ensure your NAT types are set to OPEN for 7DTD, as your connection was just changed, please double check you are not set to restricted or Type 3 (it'll tell you this in the PS4 test connection option). If you do change this, I recommend completely resetting the cache of the console before trying a connection again. This can be done by shutting down and unplugging for 5 mins before rebooting. <-- This is the most common cause of connection issues on the PS4.


Recently there was a localized issue with internet connections which was causing a PSN timeout. This possibly occurred due to a change in the connection with the PS4 remembering the older settings. If setting the NAT does not change the outcome / is already set to OPEN, you may wish to try the following:




Go to Settings --> Application Save Data Management --> Save Data on System Storage --> 7 Days to Die - profile settings and save data are stored in there. Delete Settings Data (smallest file in this directory) and then try reload the save.


^ if they issue is only with your friend, it may be something they need to try also. Would it be possible to know roughly where you and your friend are located (City/State)? As it could be part of the same localisation issue.


Thank you,


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