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Ps4 version data loss


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Hello, Clare I’m a PS4 owner and have had the game since it came out. FYI 7!days to die is probably my favorite game ever! Anyways.. my 2 brothers and sister in law (4 of us) have restarted our private multiplayer game about 3 times now. Each game eventually leads to 1-2 of the non host players losing their character/data. We’ve staggered logging out, with myself, the host, logging out last, but still the same outcome. I can understand there are an incredible amount of variables to unravel, but as a reply to this thread, yes, I am an owner of ps4 version and am having data loss problems. Thanks for any reply and advice.

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Hi Akitazi,


I moved your post to a new thread as your issue is different and this one will allow me to discuss your issue in more detail with you without causing too much confusion.


The issue you are describing is one known to the team. There was a fix released some time ago, however this only fixed the issue 50% of those effected and showed there was another issue with the same effect. This remaining issue is one the team are still working on. It was originally believed the issue could be caused by an error when the client is joining the host game and the data for the client is not retrieved correctly / cannot be retrieved.


Unfortunately it seems that once it occurs in the save, it is likely to occur again. Some players have found workarounds though I cannot confirm them myself as this is a difficult bug to trigger intentionally.


Players have said changing to a wired connection and ensuring their connection NAT type is Open has helped prevent the issue from reoccurring on new saves. Players have also mentioned ensuring clients join one by one and have fully loaded in before inviting the next player.


Ignoringmywife1 managed to prevent the issue by doing the following: "What works for me when I'm the host is to kill my friend, then the host picks the backpack up and gives the contents back to the person who it belongs to (if you want). Worked for me every time. You won't get you stuff or your stats back but the resets on them will stop."


If you do manage to reset the save, or if you create a new one, it may be worth keeping a regular back up so you can revert to it if necessary.


I understand how frustrating this is, I hope some of the suggestions above work for you while the team are still working on finding a solution to this. If you have any other questions I will do my best to answer them.



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