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Sun didn't rise, stayed night time then game crashed


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This one's a doozy because i'm not entirely sure if the crash and the bug concerning the night/day cycle are connected.

Anywho here's some basic information


Day 36 - Day 37

2 Hour Days

18 Hour Daytimes

4:30 pm-ish(when crash occurred)

Random Gen Seed named MyNameIsJeff

Hub City Northeastern most part (don't have coords ,currently at work) in the area with the iron cross bars that go up to make a tower. The little area is a big square with a brick wall surrounding it with a couple spots with iron bars. There used to be a couple cars in there. Two buildings , one goes up three stories right about the iron tower, the other building goes underground into a concrete basement of sorts with electronic consoles and pipe fitting on the walls.Hopefully that describes the area well enough.I'm not sure what to call it...


I have a pretty decently modified area down in the basement area and have retrofitted the perimeter wall entirely with concrete and have built a retention wall inside of that.. i'm only mentioning the things i have done to the place because i have somewhat heavily modified the area and it may or may not have something to do with the crash in that there's just too much data in one space. There are probably about 25 industrial lights turned on as well.


Now to the point of this post; I was busy placing concrete blocks in the open space inside the perimeter wall and upgrading blocks up to steel and starting noticing some weird things happening. First while i had nothing readable in my hands i noticed the Turn page right/left prompt with the joystick image beneath it pop up in the top left corner. I was pretty weary of this right off the bat . I just opened the menu and it disappeared. About 2 minutes later it did it again and after i resolved it once more it did not happen again.

I heard the prompt that night time had ended not long before that issue arose but didn't think much of it.


Fast forward a little bit and i had been plugging away at placing more blocks and didn't pay any heed to how much in game time had passed. I spend a lot of time going into the basement so i figured another game day had passed or something. It's been night time and completely dark for quite a while. At 4:30 pm the game blue screened me and boots my team mate out as well.


I log back into the game and it puts me right back in at 4:30 pm and i immediately noticed the stark contrast of the sky being the normal ugly green color and the pitch black it was before. It would appear the day/night cycle stopped functioning. Like i said i paid no attention to it since i spent a LOT of time downstairs and i have a mining helmet so i can see just fine at night. Realy sorry for the long description. I've just noticed a lack of details in my bug reports and Clare always asks for details afterwards anyways so i'm trying to save everybody time here.

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Claire will be off for the weekend.

So here's my uptake of it all. Been playing the game since it came out on console. With all those lights it would be a issue, also if you change the area too much it also tends to screw things up. Planting too many trees and such. Great detail on the report by the way.

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Sorry please add this as well. I know you added some information but the more you give them the better it will help.

Game Type:

Map Type:

Seed/Save Name:

Disk or Digital:






Day length:♥

Drop On Death:

Enemy memory:♥

Enemy Spawning:

Block durability:

Loot respawn time:

Loot abundance:


24 hour cycle:♥

In-game Day:

Also you said the hub city was northeastern part of the map, was it northeastern of you or is that where the hub city is? Normally the hub city is in the middle of the map or could it be a mini hub city you're talking about ?

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Thanks for adding that info Vtelmo!


Hi Mantra_Maker,


Thank you for your report and for providing so much detail. This seems to be an interesting combination of issues I've seen before, though usually separate.


Do you experience any lag within your base at all? As Vtelmo mentioned, 25 lights is significant number to have all together. Usually 30 is the cut off point for turned on lights in a base as it can cause regular crashing issues. Electronic consoles and pre-existing lights can also potentially add to this buildup some players have found.


The left/right prompt sticking is something the team are aware of but interesting you mention it together with all of this. In the past it has seemed to stand alone and from what I remember clearing the cache can help.


I know you didn't really notice the change in the sky until you loaded back in, but before the crash would you have happened to notice sky details - moon, clouds, stars - at all? I'm wondering if it was still night time or if a build up had causes the skybox to not show when you returned to the surface.


If you could give me any of the extra info from the list Vtelmo provided above too that would be great, doesn't hurt to have extra details. (For future reference that can be found here: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?47268-IMPORTANT-Please-read-BEFORE-posting )


Edit: sorry, quick addition, one of the team members asked me to ask as it's been some time since your original post, did you notice similar issues occurring again in the game over time? Maybe not even to the same extent. And if issues do occur, can clearing the cache resolve them?


Thank you,


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Post Update

Game Type: Private Match

Map Type: RandomGen

Seed/Save Name: MyNameIsJeff

Disk or Digital: Digital

DLC:not sure what this one is



Run: Never Run

Aggression: Normal

Day length:18 hours

Drop On Death: Toolbelt Only

Enemy memory:30

Enemy Spawning:Medium

Block durability:25

Loot respawn time:5

Loot abundance:200


24 hour cycle:2 hours

In-game Day:37


wanted to make a post edit as well as the location of the base i mentioned was incorrect. Now basing that hub city center is located at 0,0 this would make where my fortifications have been made at the northwestern most street block square in the top left corner of the city. That makes more sense i think since i once again forgot to grab the coordinates before i came into work today lol.


I have significantly built up this area now and experience no lag. BUT i will say that the page left/right prompt is constantly on now so i will attempt to clear the cache when i gt back on. I'm on day 46 and have not experienced the same crash, or any crashes again since then and we have built A LOT. I don't think it has to do with the lights being on as i added more nearby the main base area and the crash hasn't occurred or anymore issues with the day/night cycle. I just remember when the crash did occur that the sky was just a solid black color.


At the end of the day i experience maybe one or two bugs on a consistent basis but when crashes occur they never seem to be linked as there is such a long period of time between when these small non-game breaking bugs occur and when crashes actually occur so it's all a mystery to me. Hope this helps !

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Hi Mantra_Maker,


I'm glad to hear you don't experience any lag. Please let me know how clearing the cache works for you and if you notice any improvement.


Have you noticed if it takes x amount of time to get to a crash or is it different every time?


I'll pass this info onto the team but we may need to look at the actual save itself to see if we can spot what is causing issues.


Thank you for all of those details,


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