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ON.NZ Rawhope A16 Builds Server Showcase


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So much to share for a16 that we couldn't fit all into the one video. We also had a wipe in feb, and I didn't get any footage of anything before the wipe. A shame that, because there were so many great things to show case. Alpha 17, we will grab footage as we go along. See you all in Alpha 17





A16 we saw over 5900 players play on rawhope at the first few months clocking over 5000 days up. In Feb we took a vote to wipe the server and start afresh. Since the wipe we have had over 4400 players join us clocking up over 4000 days yet again. Some dedication to our players on rawhope. We appreciate our great community for the fun and time spent in a16 and are looking forward to more fun times in a17.



All Player builds are Built as regular players, this includes all community projects. These builds are their own effort and hard work, they do not have access to create mode, although some create mode items are given to them as prizes during events . But ALL players builds are many hours and dedication from each player, no creative menu access at all, or admin tools.



All Main server Locations were built by Admins 'Damit' and 'Missy' Using Create/Admin Mode

Locations include - Lobby, Prison, Hideout, Quarry, Ship, Market, Fort, Southlands and Arena



Server Information


Server Name - [OZ.NZ] Rawhope PVE Bases Wiped9feb

Server owners - Mythan and RooValk777

Server Admins - Missy and Damit


Server is PVE With an area for PVP

Vanilla - Using Botman server Manager


Rawhope has been running for many years, like a well oiled machine.


Here is a vid from back in A14


Still many of our great community players since then, still play with us

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