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  1. Just saw in a Vid on YT that the nice new Lady has been removed. Dont see anything concerning this in the patch notes. If true, why?
  2. Late to the party but since i read some linux testers are welcome i wud gladly help ;) Steam name: T0R Hours played: 3.343 Started on Alpha: 12 Discord name: T0R#2210 Native language: German Operating system : Ubuntu
  3. TOR

    A17 Custom Vehicles Modlet

    Hi, im playing on a server which uses the Manux Vehicles. Nice but with the jetpack u can see through walls. U can also fly in them even if u get stuck. So can this be fixed by increasing the invisible size of the jetpack. So that u stop before a wall and dont fly through with ur body?
  4. TOR

    0XP RolMod A18

    Rly intrested in the mod, can we have a dl link. Im on linux and i think the mod launcher there is not uptodate
  5. Lets face it, a good release date is Halloween, so why not. In the mean time i wud like to try a mod which incl the working CCTV Mod https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?38807-SD2DX-Working-CCTV-Camera-and-Screen! I coudnt try it coz too stupid to get SDX Mods on linux. Any help is welcome And have a nice weekend without A17
  6. HI Roland, my question is how will Zs recognize u. Will they hear me, smell me or just see me ?
  7. TOR

    Ravenhearst Mod

    Hi, my game crashes when i want to continue a game. New game is fine. OS is Ubuntu using the Mod Launcher for Linux. EDIT: CLEANING UP with the starter helped, running fine now, THX for this masterpiece Jax I can only say awesome mod, love it
  8. Happy Pinguin here with Mod Installer up and running on Ubuntu. Many Thx Gandor
  9. Hi Khaine, u promised a real apocalyptic pre A17 survival feeling... and what we get is even more. Great mod, many small and big changes. I always didnt like the idea of the trader, mainly coz of this protected areas and that they cant die. And now its real. I just entered a trader and was expecting a well protected hideout for the nihgt and what i got was some infected traders. Just too good to die Greart work, can only say u deserve my thx and a coffee
  10. TOR

    Ravenhearst Mod

    For single player the 21 day horde and the one for ur server wud be great
  11. TOR

    Ravenhearst Mod

    Hi Jax, can we plz have the download links for this mod. The Launcher will not work with linux
  12. TOR

    Ravenhearst Mod

    Hi, good news for Linux users. Mod works now. Thx u both, great work. Perhaps one word to the download options, plz continue to post them since the launcher wont work on linux (as far as i know) Again thx allready started enjoying this masterpiece
  13. TOR

    Ravenhearst Mod

    I lowered the video sertting to lowest possible and it started but crashed few seconds later again with the memoryadress error. Gotta wait for the pimps to upgrade to unity 5.4 i guess. Thx for helping anyway
  14. TOR

    Ravenhearst Mod

    Crashing on loading or right b4 u get spawned into the world. My guess is thats the last line in the log "Using memoryadresses from more that 16GB of memory" Other mods and vanilla 16.4 are loading fine
  15. TOR

    Ravenhearst Mod

    Sry but i didnt help. New crash log https://pastebin.com/WE5g8c1q
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