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Zombie spawn issue


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Private game


Seed name. outbreak

Day length 16 hrs

24 hr period is 60 mintestinal to 120 minutes.

Zombie spawn set at high and on scavenger

I am getting decent blood moon hordes, they start at 2200 and keep coming until 0600.

The problem is most of the time I will not see any zombies anywhere around a large area around my base. My base area is set up with my main base compound, the poi cabin with the forge a little bit away that is my work base bldg. Also, less than 1m away is my hub city base thar is right on the edge of the hub city.

A couple of days that I have played, around 4 to 5 real days, I have had small zombie hordes come thru however that was early on in the game, now I don't get any.

I also don't see any animals even though I don't hunt them.

Most of the time I am in the area except to loot the towns or to get supply drops. I always clear the gore blocks completely after killing and looting the zombies.

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Hi Ceol328,


Thank you for submitting a bug report about this and answering my question from the other thread about the bodies.


To start, have you cleared your console cache recently? (shut down and unplug for 5 mins before rebooting) sometimes animal spawning, and to a greater extent, Zombie spawning can be effected by a full cache.


Please try that first if you have not done so already.


Something else that has worked for players with spawning issues, is changing the spawning setting down a level or two and playing for a few hours before switching it back up again. Some players also clear the cache when doing this.


If the issue persists, please let me know the following...


-What in-game day are you on?

-When did you notice this occurring?

-Have you traveled far for long periods from your base, or do you mainly stay in the same area?

-Do you have a lot of land claim blocks or old bedrolls laid down?


Thank you,


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