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It is NEVER to late to be a gamer, No shame in spending your free time playing online with friends and freaks alike!


Introducing SE\/EN a server for the Older Gamers to enjoy.


Seven is PVE Vanilla Server with minor modifications such as; stack sizes, fuel tanks size,new start out items and a slight change to horde night...


Seven is for Adults Only 30 and over.

We require that you be a member in good standing with Steam and have no bans of any kind.

We also ask that you use Discord when playing the game as discord is the social hub of or community.


Seven has 120 minute day cycles, so for every 2 hrs in real life it is 24 hours in game.


Mini bikes are welcome, just go slow in new areas so the server catches up and you don't fall through the earth.


We are on the Navezgane map and will remain on it til 17 drops or til the entire server votes to move on, if 17 takes longer than expected.


It is our plan to continue on a new Navezgane map when 17 drops as the fun pimps have indicated that there will be new areas not yet seen.


We are looking for loyal and dedicated members who have the desire to play long term and not here today gone permanently next Friday. Though we understand real life happens. We just prefer not to have people who have no intention on staying with us and help build the community.


It is our goal to promote the older part of the gaming community to provide a place of community with people a little closer to your/our generation.


Please Friend NCHitman on Steam aka Chaplain

as well as friend NCHitman#2359 on discord


The community is password protected and password will only be given out after interview on discord and research for any bans. The process should take no more than 10-15 Min.


You can email us here: [email protected]

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