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What happened with different sized backpacks?


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I remember a few years back, maybe even as far as two patches ago, yes that long.. no but, really.


A while back there was talks about having different sized backpacks, so you would start with a small one, with limited space, lets say three rows (as in recent A17 video), then able to find medium and large backpacks while looting, or maybe even craft them.


I think this makes more sense, the simple fact of displaying a lock on something you have right there is just bad design, I can't think that it will make the player "strive for more space", it will most likely annoy them, a big part of this game is deciding what to bring, and making that decision when you have space RIGHT THERE, but there's a lock on it, will hurt, not encourage the player to level up.


The backpack system could even have more benefits, large backpacks could take more stamina to walk/run around with, so you would choose backpack for the task you are about to do, like sniping another player, you wont need a big bag for that... unless you want his loot.


Anyhow, this got so far that you could even see another backpack in the cheatmenu, it didn't have a design, but it did have a placeholder, I think, unless it was for something totally different.


TLDR; Implement backpacks, or just remove the lock on the inventory slots, you don't have to display those slots at all, just add another row when the player has the required strength/experiance.

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edit: nm I didnt read properly.


I'm assuming the 'locked' rows are to signify you could increase them without you having to read through ALL the perks. I'd prefer greyed out - the locks are very in your face - it doen automagically lead one to conclude they could be unlocked. As such they are functional.


They already tweaked the stamina system heavily this alpha. I'm assuming they'll wanna see how that goes first.


Bigger backpack mods (well more slots really) already exist. It wouldnt be tooo hard to add a buff/debuf to them to reduce walkspeed or something I think. (the hooks are there, broken, splinted leg slow you down already - infection reduces stamina (not sure how that works out this alpha)

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