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  1. Hey all, I updated to 17.4 and the latest Ravenhearst, but the newly genned worlds look way different again. Are we using a new pimp Rwg? I must admit the extremely large bands of biomes of the previous were a bit much, now however the biome sizes are a little smallish again. Worse for me however is the towns. We had the nice socket system with some stretched out cities and stuff that sorta looked naturally grown. Yes there were some illogical height changes and some weird empty spots etc but now we just have 'rounded squares' towns all made of perfect square blocks again. I can see
  2. But paper beats rocks....at least in some particular instances. Cut my finger on an old book page. Didn't bother washing it out, you know paper cut - how bad can it be. Infection lasted over 3 weeks (apparently small fibers of paper irritate a LOT). Never quite had it like tht cutting myself on rock. So...it all depends. B
  3. yeah, find it under perception. Rose tinted glasses, 10% better lighting per level. At 5 ranks food gone bad looks so much better it loses the debufs For non-forumites here after the alpha-e release; its an inJOKE. dont take it seriously.
  4. Lol if you decide thats a thing for you try watching slugs (? the ones that our houseless) mate. They keep it up for hours and they often do it freehanging in the air on a cord of the own mucus. It's particular.
  5. Lol, thats a different kinda stream. Call it camming instead
  6. never knew that! thanks. Might be something to experiment with. I'm ok looking at a screen but VR makes me almost puke oftentimes (not that that bears relevance to 7d2d for now ), but I also think VR is cool - so It would be cool if that would help reduce my issues in that area. - - - Updated - - - Apart from FOV - a friend of mine used to get migraine/nausea when gaming to long. He said that upgrading to a 144mhz screen seriously reduced his issues - it was the 'jitteryness' of the image that messed his brain up apparently. (I must agree that its a big difference, just dont want
  7. It might just be ´shortage of memory´ instead of leak, though leak would exarcebate the problem. You have assets loaded and travelling - not all assets get unloaded as they are still necessary, but new ones vie for a place (like for instance moving into an area with (larger) buildings. Then your computer starts using disk space to swap out, but ofcourse that can't keep up all the time and you get these 'slowdown ripples' untill it catches up - it will run smoothly again till it tries to load more assets then it can and it will happen again. Travelling fast, like on a minibike, will increase
  8. think the key is increasing the flow buffer
  9. good Clear rules, clearly upheld (without saying anything of the content of those rules), fair warning. not good. That is a direct attack on that user. Now I didn't see his comment (I did now) - as it was (removed ->) moved. Is it envy, or something else? I'm not looking to start the discussion over for this Alpha (I've made my point before). Point is this makes you look bad as a moderator; you deserve better. A little custodiam custodiat here - I bear no ill will.
  10. Even a broken clock get's it right twice a day (analog ones anyway) - but we all so love to hear him call it
  11. mmm ... Was Pangea ever used as a seed? 't be interesting
  12. so.....you posting that one yourself? Only visible via link here? ....and share the number with us? Das wurde gut seeeeeeiiinnn!
  13. but...but....you just said you're already living on the same continent
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