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Finnish sauna room


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I recently started a game in the snow biome, and had to quickly occupy an abandoned house to avoid dying of hypothermia. It kept leaking heat somewhere even after i replaced all windows with wood blocks, so it was cold inside all the time and i had to stand by the fireplace just to stay alive indoors. I started hoping it would be possible to make a sauna room where i could run every time after almost freezing to death while chucking wood outside.


The sauna room is essentially just a small (6-8 blocks are with 2-3 blocks height) room with a stove in it (regular forge will do). Any larger, and the heat would disperse over too large a volume to heat efficiently. When you put water (in a bucket or glass jars) in the forge slot, you get the Sauna buff, which will (almost) instantly raise your body temperature to 100F. Drinking beer or grain alcohol during Sauna buff will instantly heal 10 HP and remove all infections. However, getting intoxicated while having the Sauna buff active will make you instantly drown when you go within 5 meters of a water block, if it is summer time (we need seasons for this to work).


Well you can think about the buffs, but i think we really need the sauna room :)

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