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  1. I stlll think there could be some special BM POI that could only be activated during bloodmoon, with some nice loot reward at the end, which would despawn in the morning. To reminisce some good old times with L4D
  2. Any chance of making a soft level cap instead of hard one? I'm talking about a way to mix "pushing your envelope" with a limited gradual respecification ability. I think it could be a thing, because early game requires a set of skills that is quite different from late game. Let's say, early on you usually want to build yourself a nice, safe and functional base, so it makes sense to invest in mining, building, and crafting skills. Later on, you have your impenetrable fortress set up, so you want to go looting and questing for some fun and danger. But alas, you have already used up all your skill choices for building stuff, and reached your level cap. So it's game over, man, game over!!! Wouldn't it be nice if you could start gradually moving from a builder or miner to a silent ninja looter, or fearsome sledgehammer-wielding zombie smasher instead? Please note I'm not talking about cheesy mechanims like borderlands or pillars of eternity, where you can buy instant respec with money. I'm talking about gradually trading some skills for other skills over time, as you gain levels past your "soft cap". I'd like to think it's like in real life. If you stop working out because you have to go study some quantum physics, you start losing all your hard earned muscle after a couple of weeks or so, but you will start learning science skill instead. When you have finally finished your nerdy science project and built your null energy reactor or whatever, then you can choose to go hit the gym again in hopes you can still one day bench that 221 lbs once more. So, instead of thinking of skill advancement as a one way road, it would be more like filling a leaking bucket. You know, kind of like body building Not sure how that would do with the single scalar level value, though. Maybe have one-way progress up until level cap, and start losing xp and levels over time with an increasing pace for every level over cap? Perhaps the game could keep track of what skill has been used the least since last level change, for choosing which skill to degrade when player loses a level due to stagnation. This way players could push real hard to reach a very high level, but keeping it up would demand constant hard work, determination and dedication. Also, the soft cap would ensure new players will get past the first levels, and not keep regressing to level 1.
  3. I've been watching this discussion about using vs gimping vehicles to escape horde night, and it got me thinking that some things about riding/driving vehicles are a bit funny and unintuitive the way they are now. For instance, motorcycling is way more dangerous compared to driving a car in real life. Basically hitting anything on a motorcycle tends to be fatal, and just one slip on a wet road can be your last. But in 7d2d you can ram a brick wall at full speed and you won't even fall off your hog! Sure, the motorbike has that wicked zombie maiming spiked plough in the front, but still I think there should be some chance to fall over and get hurt real bad whenever you ram a zombie (maybe diminished by some riding skill, idk). That shoud bring some healthy sense of excitement into dodging zombies coming at you along the road (and it shoud go without saying that riding off-road is extremely perilous since any collision to a stationary object could be insta-gib or at least broken legs + arms + ribcage + skull fracture). Wasn't there a time when getting hit by a zombie would knock you off the minibike? I think I remember reading something like that. Falling off a bike should not be that lethal because the speeds are slower, but then again it's easier for faster zombies to catch you and drop you off your ride with a well placed swing. Same mechanics, different challenge. For cars it makes sense to have better protection from the angry undead mob, but I suppose running into a sufficient amount of midless zombies could at least severely damage the vehicle, and temporarily slow it down a bit. Now if there was a truly durable getaway vehicle like a van or truck, that could only be found in a specific POI, and only during horde night... Anyone remember that one mission in L4D, where the final objective was to fight your way to that armored truck in the hall and drive it out the depot? Man, that excrement was tight! (pardon my "french")
  4. Someone mentioned something about ambient occlusion earlier. I was just wondering, how is it now going to be with underground and unlit interiors? I think since the first alpha I played (a13, I think) underground was affected by daylight. Even if I had a long, twisting tunnel or a completely shut off air bubble in deep rock, I could see it light up during daytime so much I could actually see around without a torch of flashlight. I'd hate to compare 7d2d to Minecraft, but in MC it was totally dark underground once you dug like 16 meters away from any sky-exposed block. I really wish we could have pitch black caves, especially if the technology is already there to enable it. Should be fun with upcoming flashlight battery duration (IIRC), and maybe even random equipment failures
  5. BTW, I was just curious about the blunderbuss. Is there any particular reason why it forces to reload immediately after firing THE shot? I'm asking because I read somewhere that it used to be a routine cavalry tactic to carry two pistols, and fire each one only once just before charging into the row of enemy zombies and switching to melee. I tried to use the blunderbuss that way (fired one shot first and immediately tried to switch to club), but can't do it. Always stuck loading. Spending all that useful zombie stunned time cramming powder and pebbles into my thunder stick. Why can't it be more like smg, after emptying your clip you get an empty 'click', and need to press R or click LMB once more to reload? I love the blunderbuss, I only want it to love me back! :'o
  6. I'd say no collision for anything other than secondary action of construction tool (shoot-through, walk-through, fall-through, hit-through). So, with construction tool LMB would hit right through, and RMB upgrade. All other weapons would just hit/shoot through. So definitely no instant defenses of any kind.
  7. I think the biggest issue with lack of brass tells more about the players' mind sets than about game mechanics. We as consumers are so used to get everything we want, as much as we want, and immediately when we want, preferably cheap if not free. One of the biggest appeals to me in 7d2d is the scarcity of everything. Please remember that we are living in a post apocalyptic world, where all industrial production has ceased, and we are forced to scavenge the scraps of civilization just to survive. It forces us humans to utilize and improve the best of our traits, developing ingenuity in order to survive past a time of crisis. So, ask not how can you quickly and easily get vast amounts of cheap ammo, but rather "how can i get past all those sleeping zombies to my quest objective with just my crossbow, stack of barbed wires, and handful of molotov cocktails.
  8. No. They are purely conceptual, so they have no collision detection (other than detecting the ray cast of the construction tool). That means you'd have to climb on a scaffold to place them on top of each other, just like you would with frames. Well, with the exception that you can walk on frames, of course.
  9. That's exactly what I was thinking. I believe it should work quite nicely with the new shape selector. Surely, there's still the issue of what happens with unbuilt plan blocks left floating around the world. Perhaps they might be automatically deleted at logout, or after some days have passed. Despawning them should be straightforward since they should not be included in any integrity calculations. Also, should they be visible to all players? For sake of simplicity and streamline, I'd say yes. Then there's the issue of blueprint conflicts. Can players remove each other's plans? Maybe, at least if they are on the same team, and not inside unfriendly claim zone. Placing another block inside an existing plan block could work like how grass works now. If you place any block on a ground block with grass, then the grass is just removed and replaced with the placed block. If the concept of blueprint blocks still seems too complicated, I believe there still might be block clutter savings to be made by replacing wood and rebar frames with single kind of generic frame blocks, that could be used to produce blocks of any suitable material.
  10. Hi! Sorry I'm a bit late, but is it still possible to join the discussion about frames vs grace? How about replacing all frames with generic plan blocks? I'm talking about non-tangible, semi-transparent blueprint blocks, which you can choose in the shape menu and place them on existing tangible blocks or other plan blocks, just like you would place normal blocks. They cost nothing, but you can aim at them with your construction tool and upgrade them to whatever material you have loaded in it. They have no mass because they are just plans and ideas, just like that weight loss project or weight lift program you gonna start first thing tomorrow. You can build your whole base with plan blocks, walk through the walls and move your plans around until you feel it's right. Then you just start banging those blocks with your nail gun, turning them into real blocks while paying the raw material costs as if you were upgrading frames. So, no frames, only one kind of placeholder blocks that fit every material. No grace period required. No real need for crafting blocks even. Possible to plan your entire house before laying a single stone. Maybe players could even share their base layouts as plan block prefabs?
  11. About the rotation and key bindings... It would already be great if shift-LMB iterated the orientations list backwards. I think there's no need to go Blender and bind X, Y and Z to choose rotation axis...es? Axes? Whatever. Just ctrl-LMB to iterate through X, Y, Z would do the trick. That way, instead of clicking 23 times for your perfect orientation, missing it by one frustrating overclick, starting over and clicking LMB 23 times more (and again missing it by one), even in second-to-worst case scenario you would click ctrl-LMB twice to get your correct axis, LMB 4 times to miss your angle by one, and shift LMB to get it back to where it was. So... 71 clicks reduced to just 7, with ctrl and shift. How would this sound? I think we might see a drastic drop in rage quit statistics.
  12. Is there also going to be a shape picker, similar to paint brush texture picker or the existing placement rotation picker, so we can quickly and easily copy existing shapes with orientation?
  13. Yesterday, to my utmost dismay, I noticed that placing a block of bulletproof glass above the solar array pivot point renders the whole contraption totally and completely powerless. I was utterly flabbergasted, since the very description of glass block says "Glass is a wonderful invention that lets light in while keeping the cold wind out." (to be honest, I think that was for another type of glass, though, but still, as they say, Glass is Glass). Is this intentional? I genuinely worry for the climate of the new post apocalyptic dystopian world of alpha 18, and would hate it if my attempts to curb the Navezganian warming were hampered by some turd burglar shooting at my 192000 dukes worth solar bank to pieces from ground level just because I could not protect it with sturdy bulletproof glass blocks every block of the way. Please pinps, think of the environment!
  14. No worries! I just started playing co-op with a bunch of friends who rented a server, and we are quite busy building the greatest horde bunker ever! So take your time, we'll stay totally occupied with alpha 16 until you guys are good and ready with your amazing new features and bug fixes:)
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