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Console Multiplayer Problems since Oktober 2016

Tobsy Kretts

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Hello Clare ,


i think u and the team know the problem. Since 2 years ppl. cannot play together on Xbox and PS4.


Before u ask... here is the checklist that will answers all the question:


Upload Speeds (while playing the game): 48k

Download Speeds (While playing the game):12k

NAT type: open

Wired or Wireless connection:wired

Internet Service Provider (ISP): German Telekom

Router connected to console: Speedport w 732V ( all port's open noch other problems with any game or service )

How many console connected to same router: 1 ( try it with just the XBOX connected to the Router )




Clare Quote:

While I understand this is not ideal, a lot of players have found success in not connecting directly to the router. By broadcasting wifi through another device it effectively places a buffer between the game and the router and allowing the game to connect to the internet. For example the setup would look like this:


Router > Wifi > Laptop/Tablet/Mobile Device > Wifi broadcast > XB1 > 7DTD





Me and my fiends try this too .... but it doesnt work.

It doesnt matter who is the Host and who joined the Game ... we all have the same problems. Different Providers / Router / etc etc ...


We ( 6 ppl ) bought the game when it was released ... after the Update in October 2016 ( 2016 !!! damn what a long time! ) we could not longer play together. It takes a few minutes before we lag completly out of the game!


Yes u can play it solo but this is not the reason we all bought the Game for. We/I can ignore the fact that there are so many more bugs ... lose whole bases after more then 100 or 200 in game Days ... loose progress ... etc etc ...


We the console players paid a lot of money for ur game ... and since 2016 we waste so much time and nervs to ur Game b/c we still love it and rly hope u fix the issues.


In my opinion u cheated the console players ... i rly hope the coming promissed update can fix the Multiplayer problems ... otherwise i think it is legitimated that u admitted ur mistakes and give us our money back or spend the console players the PC Version.


i do not think u can help us with the Problem b/c there are so many threads with the same context ... so many ppl write in the comments of every of ur socialmedia posts and u and the team have obviously no idea how to fix the issues.


I wanne say sorry for that salty thread b/c its not ur personal fault and u only can say "im sorry" .

After 2 years install/deinstall the game i think its okay to type a salty thread.


best regards



p.s. sorry 4 my bad english but its not my first or second language ;)

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Hi Tobsy,


I completely understand the frustration and "salty thread" as you put it. Thank you for providing so much information from the start, and while I know the workaround doesn't work for you, those details and confirmation it doesn't is useful. I know there is a chance is might not work for all setups.


Unfortunately that setup suggestion is usually my last resort. I can troubleshoot as much as possible but you are right, after that I'm afraid I have no more suggestions. There is a connection issue with the game that the team are still investigating - as you've likely read my threads you know that I have said the multiple varying factors in even a single connection can make it very difficult to narrow down.


This issue is primarily an XB1 Multiplayer issue. If you know friends with PS4's that also can't connect I would them to please get in touch as this could be a separate issue altogether that I may be able to help them with.


As I said I completely understand the frustration and I too hope that the new update may fix this or even give greater insight so the issue so a resolution can be found. However confirmation of fixes have not been release yet so all I can do is hope alongside the players.



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