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PSN Problem


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[Moved from https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?83619-PlayStation-network-has-been-lost-error by Clare]


I have tried everything from unplugging my console to resetting my router to deleting all saved data and even deleting and reinstalling the game itself and im honestly ready to give up on the game i have been playing on my friends world for a month now with no problems and all of the sudden last night whenever i try to join him it takes forever then says you have been disconnected from playstation network and it makes no sense i can join random servers make my own and everything but when i try to join him its says your not connected to psn please help me

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I moved your post to a new thread as the one you had posted in was a bit older, and also so we can discuss it one on one without confusion in case the OP comes back to that post. Generally it's a good idea to start new threads for your issues anyway.


Could you please give me the following information for you and your host:


Are you Host or Client:

Upload Speeds (while playing the game):

Download Speeds (While playing the game):

NAT type:

Wired or Wireless connection:

Internet Service Provider (ISP):

Router connected to console:

How many console connected to same router:


Is you host able to join other random servers also?

Can they join ones you create at all?

Are either of you based in Texas? All the most recent PSN connection issues appear to have occurred after an ISP reset something in Texas which is why I ask - nothing new was pushed on our end.


As the issue on your end only seems to effect joining your friend, the issue could be on their end / within the saved data they have as the saves are maintained on their console when they host. I would recommend asking your friend to do the following :


[!!Back up your saves first!!]

Go to Settings --> Application Save Data Management --> Save Data on System Storage --> 7 Days to Die - profile settings and save data are stored in there. Delete Settings Data (smallest file in this directory) and then try reload the save and have you try to connect


Hopefully that'll help as it alleviated all of the recent PSN connection issues. If not, please give me as much information as possible about both connections.


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