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Sick of this game wasted time and money......


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I bought this game about two months ago , and I love the game but after spending a ♥♥♥♥ ton of time on the game I’ve found out it is a huge waste of time , I’ve partially lost three bases , then I moved hoping it was just that area and built a whole new one , collected weapons built forges , minibikes, worktable , chem lab ........ and then on the day of red moon it crashes and POOF ......... the whole base and everything in it was gone !!!!!! I am pissed if y’all arent gonna fix this effing game then STOP SELLING IT !!!!!!! It is a shame it is a awesome game and concept, but I’m done and not wasting another minute on it

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Sick of this game


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I’m on day 130ish , I lost three partial bases then decided it may be a glitch in that spot and moved, built forges , work table , chem lab , minibikes and a whole new structure and then on blood moon it crashes and POOF ....... base and everything in it disappeared ...... if they aren’t gonna fix the game they need to just stop selling it ! Lot of time wasted and I’m not gonna play anymore, it’s a shame , it’s a really good game I love to play but who wants to work for weeks on end on something that’s just gonna disapear ?????

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Hi b1gs1nn3r1919,


I moved your second post from another thread to hear. Necroposting (revival of older threads) is against forum rules. Similarly, so are "Goodbye Posts". However as you posted in the Console Bug Reports section I will give you as much information as possible but please keep the rules in mind if you continue to post.


I am sorry to hear you are having issues within the game, from what you described, it sounds like you are experiencing an MD5 error on an XB1 - if you are in fact on PS4 please let me know as there may be something else I can do to assist.


MD5 errors occur when the game struggles to load an area in a save and reverts that area to it's Day 1 state. This issue has had many triggers, the majority of which the team have fixed (Most of the previous patches have contained fixes for MD5s). The team also added analytics to the game to track the MD5 errors and this has shown a drop in the numbers as they continue to work on finding the solutions for the remaining errors. I understand this may not be of great comfort now, but the team have assured they are not giving up on these final triggers.


The most common trigger is one that can occur on an XB1 after a crash. While both myself and the team completely understand the frustration these errors can cause and that workarounds are not always ideal for players, the following information may help you avoid them in the future:



For the crashes:


- Crash indicators: There are a number of indicators your might spot that a crash is coming. A menu flickering / not displaying. Animals not spawning correctly. A sudden extreme change in weather. - Shutting down immediately and clearing the cache of the console by unplugging for 5 mins and rebooting may help prevent crashes that lead to MD5 errors, however if not done quickly they can still occur.


- Timing: For regular crashes - if you know how long it takes, some players time and hard reset their console without a crash trigger occuring.


- Crash Factors: Some things may cause whatever is generating the crashes to build up faster. This can include large amounts of the map explored in a single session, or large modifications made. While I'm not saying to avoid these, as they are at the core of Gameplay, it is worth noting it make have an effect when watching for crashes. Player Ignoringmywife1 mentioned a friend of theirs has avoided MD5 errors by not digging within a few blocks of their chosen base.



The MD5 Errors themselves:

- MD5 workaround: If you do experience a crash, there is a chance it will trigger an MD5 error. Aside from keeping items spread out (detailed below) players have found a way to roll back a little on XB1 to avoid the MD5. It should be noted this is not an official workaround so caution is advised when using it. A lot of players have reported success with it however if followed quickly and exactly after a crash https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?69218-Possible-work-around-and-or-solution-to-md5-crashes(base-wipes-resets)

It should be noted that once you see an MD5 error, it has likely already been auto saved, and XB1 uploads to the cloud almost instantly. This is why the players who use this workaround state to do it instantly after a crash rather than checking to see if the save was hit.


- Storage and Crafting clusters: Separating out crafting stations and storage has worked for some. Multiple chests in the same area would count as a cluster, and keeping storage together near craft-stations seems to increase the chances of the area wipe for some players. It is also worth noting that players find that stations that are currently crafting / cooking when a crash occurs may be more likely to be hit. - This seems to be the most common form of MD5 error at the moment. If you have other focal points, please let me know and I will pass this information onto the team.



As I said, I understand these are not ideal, but they may help you avoid MD5 errors in future if you decide to continue to play. If you have any further questions about the MD5 error, I will do my best to answer them.



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