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Losing my house and storage. As Well as forges and boxes.


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Really love the game but enough is enough. There was no crash we logged off went to log back on the next day and the house and other stuff was gone. Why? You obviously know about it but choose to blame others on your problem and not fix. Please fix this. I want to continue playing but will not waste my time or money.

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Hi Whitmanclan,


I am sorry you are having issues with the game. I appears from what you are describing you are experiencing an MD5 error - This error occurs when the save has trouble loading an area and it reverts the area to the Day 1 state. This is indeed an error the team know about but one they have been consistently working on since it's discovery. We, the console team, do not blame others for this issue. The MD5 error has multiple triggers and which each patch released the team have managed to eliminate and reduce triggers. As with all bugs, some are more difficult than others to fix and the remaining triggers, while difficult to fix are not being ignored by the team. They continue to work on a solution to these issues and have assured they are not giving up on them.


Both myself and the team completely understand the level of frustration the MD5 error can cause and how disheartening it can be to have so much reset to Day 1. While the team are continuing to work on a solution to the remaining triggers, there are some things that can help players avoid these errors. As you mentioned crashing before the MD5 error - which is most common on XB1 - the following information is catered towards XB1 players. However if you are on PS4, please let me know as this could be a different trigger and I would like to know more about it.


To help avoid crashes which can lead to MD5 errors:


- Crash indicators: There are a number of indicators your might spot that a crash is coming. A menu flickering / not displaying (you may have noticed this in your inventory before a crash?) Animals not spawning correctly. A sudden extreme change in weather. - Shutting down immediately and clearing the cache of the console by unplugging for 5 mins and rebooting may help prevent crashes that lead to MD5 errors, however if not done once you see an indicator, you may still experience a crash.


- Timing: If you know how long it takes for a crash to build up, some players time and reset without a crash trigger occurring. (You mentioned you crash often, but is it after roughly the same amount of time for each crash?)


- Crash Factors: Some things may cause whatever is generating the crashes to build up faster. This can include large amounts of the map explored in a single session, or large modifications made. While I'm not saying to avoid these, as they are at the core of Gameplay, it is worth noting it make have an effect when watching for crashes. Player Ignoringmywife1 mentioned a friend of theirs has avoided MD5 errors by not digging within a few blocks of their chosen base too.


- Storage and Crafting clusters: Separating out crafting stations and storage has worked for some. It is also worth noting that players find that stations that are currently crafting / cooking when a crash occurs may be more likely to be hit. - This seems to be the most common form of MD5 error at the moment. If you believe something else could have been the focal point please let me know.


MD5 errors themselves:


While I understand it is not an ideal method, players have discovered a way to workaround MD5s after a crash. This is an unofficial workaround, so caution is advised but players have found it to be quiet successful if done immediately after a crash - https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?69218-Possible-work-around-and-or-solution-to-md5-crashes(base-wipes-resets)


It should be noted that once you see the results of an MD5 error it is already too late. The above workaround must be performed as soon as the crash occurs - checking to see if that crash resulted in an MD5 error will cause the game to auto-save and the workaround wont work as the XB1 save feature uploads exceptionally quickly to the cloud.


If you have any questions about the MD5 errors or info mention above I will do my best to answer them,


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