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Sound Loop Bug 'arrow hit/trip/crash' sound


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Hi all,


I have tried looking for a similar thread but only found old console loop bug which doesn't help PC.


We are playing True Survival mod (A16.2) and have posted in the TS mod forum and the PC bug forum but no-one has responded. We are playing a multiplayer game, I am hosting, my husband is not experiencing this bug.


I am gathering it is a 16.2 bug?? In over 2000 hrs of 7 Days to Die gameplay I have never experienced anything like this.


I was initially getting an intermittent bug where the arrow hit/trip audio track would play walking around. Unfortunately, it began playing on a constant loop, like incessant machine gun fire (i'm not referring to the bandits that do shoot incessantly) and has rendered our game unplayable. It is louder than all other sounds and is unbearable.


Can anyone advise of a solution? It is really disappointing as we are up to day 48 and have achieved quite a bit e.g. Refinery, Blast Furnace etc...


Can you remove the sound file for that particular audio track I am referring to? If so how?


We would love to save this game. Thanks in advance.


Note: Since we didn't get any responses/suggestions, we decided to start a new game and level ourselves back to our previous player level and skills where possible. The result: zombies running and feral ALL THE TIME. We are constantly overrun leaving or returning to our base. Certainly challenging but not fun for any kind of 'relaxing' game play.

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