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  1. ZomBella

    True Survival

    TS is coming to A18???? SERIOUSLY????!! Efffing YEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!! Soo excited!!!! By far my favourite mod! Thanks Spider!
  2. I'm having the same issue as TinyDancer. I followed what they did, uninstalled 7D2D: deleted all mods and folders including the launcher, installed everything from scratch: I put prefabs into 7D2D Prefabs folder (not overwritten) and made Mods folder in 7D2D in which I put Config folder (containing rwgmixer) and Modinfo XML. Launched a new game without errors to the rwg file, flew around the map, no new poi's. I then when into 7D2D Data folder combined your Config folder with 7D2D which replaced rwgmixer, still no dice. I usually use the Launcher to load the game and add other modlets. I have tried launching without the launcher and still no Stallionsden prefabs. There was a yellow config issue in the error log and I fixed it, still didn't work. Any suggestions?
  3. Cheers for that! I put the prefab files in the Prefab folder with the others and I have a mods folder already. What I was struggling with was the name of the specific file (poi mixer modlet) that goes in the mods folder: Is it the Stallionsden ALL IN ONE Prefabs folder (I did not see anything names what you were referring to) or Stallionsden ALL IN ONE Mixer folder (Config folder and ModInfo file). I feel like I tried that but just getting error messages. Sorry, am a bit dumb with this.
  4. @stallionsden - I really want to check out these prefabs, but, alas am not able to get it working. I've managed to copy the prefabs to the prefab folder but get lost at the next step. Your instruction are: "add the prefab modlet to the Mods folder located in the game directory folder." I'm not sure which file you mean by 'prefab modlet'? Sorry, am not great at altering game files. I prefer sphereii's mod launcher, any chance you'll be adding these to the launcher in the future? Thanks in advance!
  5. That's devastating to hear. Loved this mod. We're not loving A17 and don't really want to go back to spinning zombies of A16. Hopefully, Morte has a change of heart.
  6. ZomBella

    True Survival

    Considering they took what? 18 months to get from A16 to A17 you've got plenty of time before another update, at most you have another week or two until stable is released. Just an opinion, I would not go backwards to 16.2. There is a lot wrong with A17 but there is also a lot of good too. The dungeon houses, new POIs, the guns look and sound better (bring back parts if possible, that was always a fun part of upgrading weapons), trucks and gyrocopters. Please don't go back to circling zombies!
  7. ZomBella

    True Survival

    The Chef profession has the recipe. I think that is the only way to get it, either that or level up your cooking to like 156, lol! Good luck!
  8. ZomBella

    True Survival

    Hi all, After 48 in game days in True Survival I have found a game breaking bug. Has anyone experienced the 'arrow hit/trip' sound/audio track, like when you get stuck jumping on terrain, that repeatedly loops like machine gun fire. All other sounds are muted by comparison. It makes the mod utterly unplayable and I do not know how to fix it. I've tried restarting the mod launcher, dying, hitting anything and everything but it appears it is a mod bug that has saved into my game. I am playing MP random gen with my husband and I am hosting. He isn't experiencing the issue. Can anyone tell me if they have experienced it? Is it possible to remove the audio track for that sound? Any solutions? This is massively frustrating.
  9. ZomBella

    True Survival

    I fixed my own issue. If your having the error on startup, try what I did: Delete complete mod, button under install area to right. Download game copy from steam (you'll have to use your username and password) and install mod. With big mods Spherii warns to pre-sync mod so I did (mostly with Starvation) Wah-la! True survival working fine! Now go get your butt kicked by this mod!
  10. ZomBella

    True Survival

    Me too. Can anyone assist?
  11. Okay, thanks Sphereii! Will try that and let you know. It lets me play when it's freshly installed (again) but not if it has been installed a day ago...
  12. The game finally launched. It felt like a 10 minute wait: https://pastebin.com/XN9nhyjc
  13. Ok done. It is currently trying to play mod and hung on "Extracting\TempMods\Part2 zip https://pastebin.com/Q0TNHcce
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