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3rd Shifters Fresh PvE vanilla server with copper/zinc to make brass wiped 7-20


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Those who have played on my previous servers know the Admins and I take care of our players, so after our last host died and we switched providers i started up a new world for more new players to enjoy! We are currently in easy mode ( dont be fooled our zombie spawns are high ) till a17.


Botman server manager with safe spots to community hub, battle fort for horde nights, panic room for afk or non fighters on horde night. Teleports for home base, backpack on death and to friends.


Copper and zinc ore spawns so you can make brass


Cars auto respawn after 3 days!


Custom zombies from some of your favorite mods like Valmod and Bad company


Great simple custom UI cause really.. who likes the vanilla one?


All these changes are completely server side so no downloads or installs needed.


Join us at


Port: 26912


Should be no data loss, if there is let me know.


or on Discord at https://discord.gg/c4euGzx

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