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Nodding "molotov" / napalm arrows, or using molotov effect in general freezes server?


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Essentially, made an arrow to set the ground on fire... it works 100% fine in SP but in MP it just renders the server frozen. Same with applying it to another mods flamethrower... it works dandy in single, but it won't even try in mp. Doesn't even seem to throw any errors, but I'll be doing testing after work to see.


If anyone knows why this is a thing though, please clarify why sp and mp would behave differently... (They have the same xmls)


- - - Updated - - -


Forgot, I "Think " it's to due with the molotov pelarticle effect (particle 4) but I'm not sure. If I wasn't on phone I'd link the code for the arrow, sorry.

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