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problems with dedicated starvation pve server


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Hey just to let you know about the dedicated pve server for starvation.


just drowned riding my mini bike home ..yes out of the water but o2 timer kept ticking until i drowned .

some towns also have no sleepers i think its the ones that have been cleared out already no respawn. ( i can run through this one town through all the buildings with no z's)

flu doesnt seem to be active ( this is the opposite of when i started when wetness and flu would not leave).

one of the traders has taken a permanent vacation....

a water block is stuck to the map roof.

...k i think that is it for now,

i will keep adding in replies if i find any more glitches.


all the best and keep chuggin..

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Drowning out of water is a bug within 7DTD rather than Starvation.

You need to step back into the water and out to "fix it".


ok thank you for the response.

the dedi pve server seems to have a few more issues i am wondering if its Starvation mod or 7d2d

game now seems to hang at start daily until reset/refresh.

in the newest build stop zombies from respawning inside buildings? (that is after the building has been opened the first time zombies will not respawn or is it a pve setting)?

also seeing that there is so much water i was wanting to build a raft or barge but can't find the recipe books? are there any?

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