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[Xbox] Wet Concrete NOT Drying


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First, I'm not sure if anyone else has posted about this issue in the past. Every time I try to use the search tool on the forums it takes me back to the main forum page, so I can't search for this issue or any other issue for that matter.


I'm currently playing in a private multiplayer game and I've noticed a weird bug occur during the process of concrete blocks drying. Usually when I place a rebar frame down and upgrade it with concrete mix, it turns into wet concrete and then takes a few minutes to dry; this is the normal process. But occasionally the wet concrete block doesn't dry and continues to have it's dark, black appearance as well as only 3000 HP.


I just finished making a huge arena out of ~2,000 concrete blocks and about 10-15 of the blocks wouldn't dry. What's interesting is that these 10-15 blocks were all in close proximity to one another, not randomly scattered throughout the arena. So the vertical/horizontal location of a block on the map seems to be a factor.


I've had this bug happen in other games, too.


Do the devs know of this issue and, if so, what do they think is causing it?


Game Type: Private multiplayer

Map Type: Large

Seed/Save Name: W1

Disk or Digital: Digital

Biome: Plains and Forest or Pine Forest


Character: Willy

Difficulty: 2nd most difficult



Day length: 18 hours

Drop On Death: Only backpack

Enemy memory:

Enemy Spawning:

Block durability:

Loot respawn time:

Loot abundance:

Airdrops: Every day

24 hour cycle:

In-game Day:

Installed Game Location (Console / HDD): Console

Remaining Space in install Location: 16 GB



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Hi Collinct,


First of all, I'm sorry the search function was not working for you, when it does give results it can be a bit all over the place anyhow. I can tell you that concrete not drying is something the team are aware of and has been reported before by players so you are not alone in this.


This issue occurs on both PC and Console, so the fix will likely come as a collaboration between the two teams. It seems the drying timer for the concrete stops - the reason for this I do not know. Thank you for reporting this in detail as I can pass this information onto the teams which should help in finding the solution for this issue.


In the mean time, you can try some of the workarounds players have mentioned. Sometimes a simple clearing of the cache (shutting down and unplugging the console for 5 mins) can have an effect. Player Funkenstein, who plays on both PC and PS4 has said that they have found damaging the block a small amount and then repairing it can reset the timer for the block, allowing it to dry completely.


Hopefully those workarounds will help your section of wall dry while the teams work on this issue.


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