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Dont search air


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Standard settings

Random Gen game- outbreak

Splitscreen- 2nd player



So while traveling I came across two cars which had spawned in connected ( one was just the frame and the other should have been searchable) I wrenched up the frame level car, which caused the yellow car to disappear. Even though the car was no longer visible I had a search prompt that read "Search Air (Untouched)"


I knew this was a bad idea, but don't give me a button to push... Of course it instantly crashed the game.


When we loaded back in player one wrenched up the same frame and it again gave the prompt to "search air" ( except he can resist pushing buttons)

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Hi KillRKit,


Thank you for reporting this. This is a rare occurrence, but it is an issue the team are aware of - From what I remember it can occur on PC too.


Would it be possible to get the coordinates of the offending button pushing suggestion? Having multiple cases to analyse may be beneficial to the team members working on fixing this issue considering how rare it is.


Thank you,


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