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Cure's Hanging Gardens of Babylon Arizona

The Cure

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The Hanging Gardens of Babylon Arizona



The Hanging Garden's consists of a parking lot, camp grounds, tourist kiosk, military outpost and three "ruins" of varying difficulty.



Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/qfzdeswaq3salmb/The_Hanging_Gardens.zip/file












Huge thanks to Pille for helping me make this prefab ready. Huge thanks to SterlingStar and Cheese for helping me build. Huge thanks to MADMAN from Ground Zero Gaming, where I first built this as just a curiosity.


Note: While the video does not contain zombies, the download does have spawns.

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Seriously love the clip you did of the POI along with the music tied into it. Very nice looking POI


Thanks a lot. It was between The Hanging Gardens, or A Forest by the Cure. The former song was definitely more fitting, especially when I clip though the wall and the lyrics basically describe what just happened.


I'll make another music video walkthough for the other two ruins sometime next week.

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