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Looking for players to play with daily when the update comes out.


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I like to play everday. Prefer PvE. Hit me up if you play everyday and are looking for a mature and serious player. My discord is Cassady#7984. https://steamcommunity.com/id/QUESADILLA420/



I opened the ability to launch a server a bit ago. I have been taking a break and waiting for the next update to hit. When I do play I have the ability to play everyday all day. I do have some family members who will probably be joining me, but they won't be playing everyday.


I'm also interested in joining a group of players and as mentioned I do have a cloud server ready to go. If anyone is interested in building up a group and is in need of a server, then lets talk. Because the majority in my family does not like PVP, the server I'll be looking into opening up will be a PVE server.

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