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Random Destruction on Xbox One

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So, I had built a platform in the water with ample support to keep it up and it never fell apart for over 6 in game days, then when I got off and got back on the file the platform had randomly been destroyed. The supports were still intact and nothing had been broken or anything it was just demolished and it also took with it my forge, campfire, and secure chest (which didn't drop a loot bag)

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Hi Teen SoulReaper,


To clarify, were the supports directly under the demolished area still there, and can you see destroyed blocks/rubble etc under the water? This could be the difference between the area collapsing and an MD5 error occurring. While it does sound like a collapse I need to rule out the MD5 error as you mentioned the crafting stations and the lack of a lootbag from them.


Would it be possible to get a snap shot / video of the area to see the supports? In the past there have been rare cases where reloading the game has triggered the Structural Integrity system to reboot as it were, sometimes collapsing areas it did not effect before due to it stalling.


Images / video can also help me determine what could have caused the collapse if it was not the two issues mentioned above.


Thank you,


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