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Crashes and disconnects PS4


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Hello everyone i recently created an account here to address some of the problems i frequently have and i hope i can get some feedback or any solution. I play on PS4 btw.

First of all i played local coop with a friend and after a good amount of ingame days passed we experienced an error/crash and next time we entered our game all of our stuff and resources have been dissapeared.

The second issue i've experienced is when with a friend this time on an online multiplayer private game when we experienced very frequent disconnects and crashes especially everytime we were trying to build somehing for our defense, being inside that building and during or after horde days. We are very patient people so we tried to move to multiple locations or try building smaller structures but eventually the game gave us an ultimatum with a corrupt data message and we lost all of our progress and eventually the courage and the fun playing the game in huge amount of frustration. We just hope the rumored console update with the new engine will fix all these cause we love the game and we can't play it or recommend to any other people around me because of these problems. Sorry for any vocabulary mistakes english is not my native language.

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Hi Kolilas,


Thank you for reporting these issues you are having. Reports of crashes and MD5 errors (areas resetting in game to the Day 1 state) are fairly rare on PS4 so I would be interested to know more about what's causing them, and hopefully help you avoid them along the way.


Currently, the most common cause of a crash on the PS4 is down to an abundance of certain items in the game. Could you please tell me if you have either of the following in your save?


- 10+ lights (the ones that can be toggled on and off) within a small area


- Tree farm with a number of trees growing together


- Large number of candles / torches / woodframe windows in the one area?


- Large number of spikes in a small area


Please also describe for me what you see or if there's anything you notice before the game crashes that seems out of the ordinary?


While there is no way to roll back a save, I would recommend whoever is hosting the save keep a recent backup on the PS4 cloud or an external drive, that way should it occur again while we are trying to find the cause of the issue, it can be reloaded.


If there is anything that you have questions about or if you need clarification on anything, please do not hestiate to ask. You're english is really good! But I understand sometimes a little extra clarification can go a long way.


Thank you,


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Hello Claire and thank you for the fast response.

In order to answer the things you asked it goes as following :


-We had a large number of lights yes including in the building and in an underground tunnel (all of them were the small round ceiling ones)

-No tree farm just potatoes (our last and fatal crash happened in a house near the cornfield)

-No torches, candles or woodframe windows

-Yes we had a pretty good amount of spikes in the area around the house in the cornfield and around a fort we builded near to the hospital town and then near the cornfield house

The thing that stood out for us is specifically when we tried to make a concrete building. First time we experienced disconnects it was when we built a concrete fort just outside the town with the hospital and to be more specific when we tried to make a 1st floor with a roof we experienced a big amount of disconnects with time between them not being relevant but it was guaranteed on every 7th day before, during or just after the horde.We abandonded it and we made a concrete fort close to the cornfield and specifically myself as a guest experienced the most errors when i was near or inside the fort with the spikes around and some but not in the same frequency disconnects from my friend who is the host. Same issues with the other during horde day but it felt a bit better than before. When we tried revamp the main house and built it with concrete instead of leaving it as is, a wooden structure, then it became worse again and we experienced the corrupt data message today. I don't know if my feedback is any helpful to you but to our eyes it seemed that concrete was the problem, the bigger amount resulted in a bigger problem over time. I just thought that maybe there is a huge amount of hitpoints surrounded in one area or something like that I don't know we were just speculating.

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Hi Kolilas,


Thank you for that information, when you say you were using concrete, were you upgrading / pouring concrete so lots of blocks were wet and drying in the one area, or were you placing a large number of already dry concrete blocks (from the creative menu for example?)


I would be wary of the number of lights you have as the more there are the more the lag they cause will increase and in some cases this can lead to a crash.


For your regular disconnects, could you give me the connection details of yourself and the host? There may be something there that could be changed. Would you be able to provide the following for each...


Host or Client:

Upload Speeds (while playing the game):

Download Speeds (While playing the game):

NAT type:

Wired or Wireless connection:

Internet Service Provider (ISP):

Router connected to console:

How many console connected to same router:



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