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Or any kind of NPC because how fun would it be if you walk into the forest and see people building there own homes and u can either join there possy or u can stalk them and take there stuff or even just kill them and take there homes, that or u can stumble across a few people in a building searching for supplies and then form a group with them were u can ask them to search for supplies or even farm,hunt or protect our stuff( the main perpose of this tread ) (the plus just means that i am gonna talk about other thing but i dont know how to describe it in short) I would like it if there was a limmit to zombies ( like a setting ) or that they cant despawn, now dont get me wrong i know the entire game is about zombies but i just hate it when u find zombies averywere and u could just run away come back and they are gone , I usually get exited when a horde comes thro a town and when i turn around (to get weapons) they are gone and u cant go search for them cuz they despawned or when u come acros only 1 zombie in a open field and kill it then there spwans another one, it kinda defeats the perpose of the zombie
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