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  1. Great Job DerPopo, +1 I had a feeling you would crack this given enough time.
  2. Thanks Laz Man, will be checking this out as soon as I can. Great Job. will be adding this one to my permanent collection.
  3. As far as the map... in the resource.assets file you will find two map entries. One is the game map. With the plug-in button pressed at the bottom. click on the map name and you should see the map image in the right hand side. if it isn't the map your looking for click on the other map entry. Right click on the name to export or import the map into dds format. Then save as after importing. Keep the original map.dds file. you may need to re-import the original if something goes wrong. when you are viewing the map, not the info above the image in the info bar. it will tell you the format of the image and if mipmaps are used.
  4. There is no easy way to scrap these items for scrapMetal as I believe they are hard coded into a list of items that can be scrapped. Check the recipe.xml file for scrap metal and you will see the Wildcard entry. You can make it scrapable in the recipe.xml, however it will only give you one item of the recipe ingredients like breaking down a bullet for a tip. The best way is to just place it and destroy that item and collect the scrap metal.
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