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Regarding The Fixer Perk


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As it stands right now, the tooltip for the Perk makes little sense to me.

While I understand there is a quality degradation... I have no idea how it ties in with the other Smithing perks.


If I were to have:

10/10 Toolsmithing

4/4 in The Fixer


Do I still lose quality when repairing my Shovels/Fireaxes/Pickaxes or will I be able to mine/chop and dig to my hearts content?


I know it isn't necessary for Guns/Augers/Chainsaw/Nailgun as repairing a complete version doesn't cause quality loss (for some reason :3)

- I suspect this is one of the reasons these are being changed (at least guns) in A17.

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You will still lose 2 points of quality when repairing anything with The Fixer and the other perks maxed out. Assembled Augers, Chainsaws, and guns will NOT lose quality due to a bug from what I understand. If you were to fix any of the parts to said Augers, Chainsaws, or guns, those parts would lose 2 points of quality.


EDIT: Batteries can be "repaired", but that will result in loss of quality. I use a solar bank to simply recharge them instead.

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