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Game crashing every 2 hours......


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I’ve been playing 7d2d for a few months now and every 2 hours or less it crashes back to main start menu,

I know you guys are aware of this fault, but nothing seams to be getting done about it. There has been no new updates for a longtime now. This crashing is really disappointing and making a great game really BAD!!


I’m playing on XB1, Redom gen map, default settings,

Plsssssss FIX this..... it’s burning many for your followers/customers


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Hi Dukerider03,


I am sorry to hear your game has been crashing at around the 2 hour mark. As you correctly stated the team is aware of the issue however while it may not seem like it, they are continuing to work on issues within the game. To facilitate fixes for issues, the team have been working on upgrading the unity engine which they confirmed yesterday - https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?84520-06-06-Message-from-the-Team and also confirmed this update along with fixes and features are still scheduled for this year.


Both myself and the team understand the frustration these crashes cause and while I know it is not immediately reassuring, the team are working on these issues for the players.



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