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Xbox one crash- not loading

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Hi Feminist Cindy,


Can you please elaborate on your save information by using the guide provided: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?47268-IMPORTANT-Please-read-BEFORE-posting


Since this occurred, have you tried shutting down your console and unplugging for 5 mins to clear the cache before reloading again?


Do you have any pending updates for XB1? Or if you updated recently, please try re-syncing your console while preserving apps and data (I would recommend backing up any saves before doing this, but they shouldn't be effected)


Finally, if the above does not let you load into the game, it may be worth trying to reinstall the game (again, backing up your saves before doing so).


As you can't get into the main menu, can you also confirm what message if any you are getting when trying to do so, or if it just goes back to the dashboard.


Thank you,


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