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MD5 7 Days of Depression

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Platform: XB1 digital download.


World: Random Gen.


World name:Squanchy land


Settings: multiplayer. All default. Insane difficulty


Character: Jack

Day: 330

Time: appx 20:00


Summary: World terrain reset to day 1 state, wiping out player progress


Details: I was standing in my base in the pine forest zone building a really cool looking well. My base is 56m below the surface.

I built the well, ran into my loot room grabbed a bucket and started putting water in. In my head I was thinking "I'm pretty sure the game is about to crash" as soon as I placed the last bucket of water it did.

I did a cache clear and hard reset expecting everything to be ok. I loaded back in everything seemed ok. So I kept building on the well. Then I need some more concrete. So I ran back to the loot room to see a rock wall in my way.

Two whole chunks reset. I've been playing in this world since july of last year. Lost pretty much everything. Half my huge base is gone.

Now for the well.... it's five by five blocks 1 block up from the bedrock. Two concrete poles stacked on top of eachother at each corner with a full corner an ramp concrete roof.


I'm going to stop playing for awhile. This burned me bad. I really hope this is done with next update. I don't know how many more times I can handle losing everything.

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Hi Ignoringmywife1,


Thank you for your report. I am sorry the MD5 error hit your base so hard and I completely understand your desire to take a break for a while. I too hope the next update will bring good news regarding the MD5 errors.


I am sorry again to hear about such a huge wipe, thank you for taking the time to let me know what you were doing when it occurred.


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