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Game Crash on startup (EAC launch)


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A couple of days ago i encountered problems when i try to start the game. It only occures when i start the game with eac enabled. I click on the exe it showes a loadingscreen for a few seconds and closes automatically. Im not getting a notification or anything at all, the program is just closing. When I try to start it without eac i have no problems at all but it prevents me from playing with my community which is pretty frustrating.


What i've tried so far is ...


- repair

- de/reinstall the game

- de/reinstall eac

- repair eac

- firewall/antivirus off

- every possible compatibality mode with windows

- run as admin

- searching the forum for possible fix


I really hope you can help me with this. It just happened out of the blue and wont work again, which sucks cause i really enjoy playing 7dtd, and im running out of ideas already and the frustration grows :offended:


Sorry by the way for the bad english ... im not that good at it :miserable:

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