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I cobbled together a bunch of new recipes, they work and produce the parts I intended them to however, the material names are screwed up.


Scrap plastics appears in the recipe as SCRAPPLASTICS, mechanical parts appears as IRON, Cotton appears as PLANTS, Tallow doesn't even have a name but in vanilla recipes its fine.

If there were errors in the code above, wouldn't it not work at all ? I need some help to figure this one out !




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Remove material_based="true" from non-Forge recipes.


Ill give that a hack and see what happens. I was moving some around between workbench and forge...


invalid attachment for me. This seems strange but ID names are defined in the localization file as to what to show up as.


The image upload was giving me problems, had to use the basic uploader...

It was odd to me too, I'm only editing 3 files so far after deleting the whole folder and verifying to get fresh ones... gonna give Samuels suggestion a run.

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