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A direction for co-op


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Something I feel could improve the game, would be something to truly work toward other than simply a singular base. But this also will encompass things that could help individual base building.


The primary thing I would love to see, is some form of Colony system. In mmo games they call it a guild, in ARK they call it a tribe, basically a way to have people who want to play and work together have an easier time doing so. So that we can use things like land claim blocks etc, without locking our allies/friends from being able to fully function within an area.


The next step is the concept of taking over an area, we need something better to prevent respawns. Right now it is you drop something like say a bedroll and nothing spawns within X area of it. Yay, great, wonderful. But when trying to play with friends.....this doesn't prevent spawns when someone is offline. The concept of the colony system would allow members of the colony to basically have shared claim blocks. Areas under the claim would neither spawn zeds nor new loot. But by it being a colony, would still allow allies to build together, work together.


Now lets talk infrastructure.


Small scale, generators suck. I feel like the fuel capacity of the generator at 1k is low, it needs constant refilling, depending on the load. Additionally even with maxed out engines in all slots, it feels limited on what you can power. Also Gas Barrels only serve to be a small explosive, or efficient way to store fuel.


So here is my suggestion.


Give us a large fuel tank, to place the barrels into, and a hose tool to attach the generator to the fuel tank allowing us to store our fuel in a way that wont require constant back and forth filling generators individually. Allow multiple generators to pull from the same fuel tank.


On a small scale, this allows single bases to be more efficiently powered. for later game.


On the large sclae, this could allow you to let us have a way to make (or have to scavenge) higher guage wiring, allowing us to link multiple generators into a single wiring, but then allowing us to build infrastructure for a small number of bases for a community, all while using the above large fuel tank idea to centralize power for the community.


Next, in line with infrastructure, comes water Let us build and have to maintain a pump, and piping that must be kept safe to provide murky water, smaller pumps for single player and earlier game, larger, more costly ones for multiplayer late game. Maybe add an RNG to it to cause it to occasionally stop working, meaning we may need to clean it out (rather than set it and forget it) and find some rotten flesh or something stuck in there.


Obviously this only results in the pumping of murky water that must be boiled, but still, access to water within your base.


Obviously all these larger scale functions could, and should, generate a lot of heat, but if you are going to play with a sizable group, this is the tradeoff.


I love playing this game, but mostly I like playing it with friends.

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