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replacing my hot bar with a duped minibike parts


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So this was on a private multiplayer world we just went out looting and came up to the army camp in the plains from the police station riding our minibikes i jumped off of my bike on a hill and i was stuck with my hand out and couldn't use any of my inventory items so i quit and rejoined only to have my bike "blow up" behind me as i join have it still be there but my hot bar was replaced with duplicated bike parts, i had a level 500+ ak-47 and hunting knife the rest wasn't a big loss but still almost uninstalled after this happened i like the concept for this game but i may not play it until you update it

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Hi Waylen,


This is an issue that is known to the team.


It is believed it can be caused by players hopping off their bike while it is still moving. Sometimes the bike can rubber band in game (shooting forward then back to where the player dismounted) or you may find one of the wheels is still spinning.


Would you have hopped off the bike before it came to a complete stop when this happened?


In furture I would recommend letting the bike come to a complete stop as this can help prevent the team placement of parts.


Unfortunately, through the team are aware if the issue, I can not give an estimate on when it will be fixed or when the next update will be. However I do understand wanting to step away from the game until that happens.

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