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Realism for & Days to Die by MarkV


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The Final Chapter


Part 1


Smoldering ash and black burnt trees breathed choking smoke into the air. My eyes felt like they were on fire and my throat cried out for liquid relief. Since I woke up I have been on the move.


Near to me a small part of a house remained standing and I did not hesitate any further and walked closer. When I saw the kitchen sink, I eagerly fondled the taps to find in horror, no water running into my dry hands. I searched the cabinet below.

It was empty.


I started searching through garbage piles in the hope of finding something useful. God it was warm here. I had no recollection of time or what day it was. All I know is that this was day one and I had to get out of here. I sat down and started to weave makeshift clothing from collected grass.


Took me some time but I was soon fitted with pants, shirt and hood. Finishing my fashion sense with boots, I slipped my makeshift bow around my shoulder. Armed with a wooden club and a primitive stone axe hanging from my tool belt I was ready for the unknown.


Looking up at the grey sky I couldn’t see where the sun sat and pressed on. I had gathered a few priceless eggs and some feathers from birds’ nests. I was never good with making weapons and soon had several crooked arrows laying in front me. They’ll work for hunting game. After a steady jog for God knows how far, I stopped, bending over to catch my breath.

There just a few meters in front of me was a house almost fully intact.


Nighttime engulfed everything in blackness cheered on by eerie noises that sang with the breeze. I sat near the comforting campfire checking my backpack.

Two cans of food, four eggs, an empty bottle, a wood torch and some feathers lay at my feet. I need to find water and more food.


A blood-curling groan ripped through the night. I jumped up startled beyond imagination. That was no human I breathed. I had the bow ready in my hand and crouched leaning against the wall peering through a crack.

It was way too dark outside and I killed the fire.


My heart was thundering in my chest, I made my way up the stairwell entered the room and closed the battered wooden door behind me. I sat there facing it with bow drawn.

There was a moment of silence before the door shuddered with unmeasured frenzy, it fell apart within seconds. That’s when I saw them for the first time.

My arrow drove into the thing's chest, yet it still advanced. I drew another arrow. The creature slumped to the floor in a miserable pile of flesh and bone. Cautiously I moved closer, shocked to my core to find its human. My arrow embedded in its skull.


I had heard of zombies feasting upon the weak and felled by the strong, but these stories came from movies and books. Now I had just survived an attack by one. I searched the corpse pulling an empty bottle from it.


A shriek outside warned me its not over yet and I prepared for the worse.

I heard an arrow pierce the air followed by a thud of something heavy hitting the dirt. Footsteps sounded up the stairwell.

“Who the hell are you?” I said watching the heavily armed stranger.

“We have to move. Now!”


I had never run so much in entire life and keeping up with the man was hard work. Finally we stopped he crouched behind a big rock flagging me down too. He threw me a bottle of water that I gulped down in seconds.

“I’m Lobo, you can thank the stars I saw your fire.” He said.

“I owe you my life.” I held out my hand.

“Don’t sweat it, won’t always be there to look after your ass.”

“What now?

“Now we move I have a safe house not far from here. Keep up!” he said. All the way to the safe house I had witnessed him felling the Zeds with an arrow, not missing a single shot.


We reached his place, a fairly large home with some impressive log spikes menacingly surrounding the house. Boarded up windows with metal sheets and a heavy vault door to keep Zeds out.

“How long have you been here?” I follow after him.

“Long enough to know how to survive.”

"What happens now?”

“Now you learn to survive.”


To be continued…



Greetings All, firstly I want to say thank you for Valmar. I have been using his mods to play my survival days with no end.

His mods are truly the best and has added some exciting realism to my game.

Valmod once again Thanking you for the best Mod ever.


You are King.


Studying his code I did some extensive tweaking (only for my game Valmar I have not distributed the changes to anyone).


All furniture is now movable enabling you to use it to barricade yourself or simply re-arrange your home to your liking. Can't get to a higher place? Put down some tables and climb. Board up a house with wood and nails. Cover the windows with blinds or curtains. Pick up almost anything and store it for later use or scrapping. Fix a broken register, make a carton box for more storage.


Cooking is now almost essential and tin foods are barely enough to sate your hunger. You benefit from eating healthy and learning to cook is worth a second try.


The workbench is now an important addition to your home or workshop and without it its harder to create much needed survival things. Who would think having nails now is important as food and weapons? It keeps your world together.


Finding guns and ammo are scarce and you will have to count your shots.


A lot of other things in the game were tweaked for more realism.


After all its the apocalypse and survival ain't easy.


If there are any 7d2d Survivalists out there I'd be happy to share (If Valmar will allow me to do such) how I have achieved this.


The game is ultra realistic now.

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