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Randomly teleported


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Hi there, I only brought 7dtd a few weeks ago to try something different, and I'll admit I'm hooked. Firstly I'm on xbox1, to learn the mechanics of the game I tried single player, navegaze minimum zombies, 120 minimum day, scavenger. Noob mode basically, managed fine until find trader challenge, then major footslog to get there following the road looting, too late to trek back to base, climbs the mountain opposite the trader, about 40 block away, dig straight down around 50-60 blocks, think fine for the night, no, 11 pm teleported to other side of the mountain on surface, run back to hole, remove 2 frames, drop into hole, put back 1 frame, then noob mistake pick up frame below fall down hole to bottom, somehow survive craft split, sit at bottom of shaft, 2am teleported to other side of the mountain, splinted leg, crawler digging into top of hole, can't go back there to collect gear, spend to night on top of crack a book.

Xbox hardwired

Vodafone fibre broadband, can't remember speed

Enough info?

I also started a new game multiplayer, random gen, minimal zombie, non running, after losing 2 bases and central storehouse to I know is md5 error have turned off zombies, turned up loot, because trying to stay alive with no food and water is hard enough, a bear killed me 3 times before I met my first zombie.

Strangely my first three frames crafted at my sporn point and the chest are still by the side of the road, I keep food, water and ammo in there in case of md5.

I nearly forgot I, don't get kicked to menu during the teleport, I stay in game

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Hi Warpspawn,


Did you dig only 1 block wide down? so the hole is kind of like a diamond shape?


The game has a feature built in to stop players being trapped in a collapse or similar underground. If the player is, they are transported to the surface. If the hole you dug yourself into was very tight, and your characters head clipped through the graphics at all, or you placed the frames any flames etc too close to your characters head, the game would likely teleport you to the surface.


When digging to safety I recommend giving yourself a 2x2 hole to hide in, this should give you enough space.


I am sorry to hear you were also hit by MD5 errors, in case you were unaware there is an unofficial workaround for XB1 that a lot of players say helps them - https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?69218-Possible-work-around-and-or-solution-to-md5-crashes(base-wipes-resets) - as it is player-found and involves deleting and resyncing saves immediately after a crash, caution is advised.


If you have any further questions I will do my best to answer them,


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