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Console Xbox Multiplayer Issues

Sin 014

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I am having problems with multiplayer, I have played the game for hundreds of hours with friends and really want to get back into it again after spending a few months away with other games. I can play single player fine but its not the same


When in multiplayer either people cant connect and gets a message to say unable to connect to server


After about 5 mins the map starts disappearing ( not loading in beyond a certain point ) and the other player sees them running on the spot


We have tried, Uninstalling and Reinstalling the game, Checked NAT Types, Looked into any problems with router or ISP, We Tried Closing the game ( quiting on dashboard so not running in background ) and reopening, running speed tests on internet connection, We are all fine with playing every other game with no lag and no problems, We have tried multiplayer private invite game and non private invite game, We have tried to Invite to game by Xbox profile, In game and from party, Bypassing router for direct connection and still getting the same problem.


I play with wired connection, My friend plays on wireless, This has never been a problem playing previously


It seems we have tried everything. I have read over numerous posts on the forums but cant seem to get anything that works and would appreciate any advice that could be given. My Gamertag is my ID

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Hi Sin,


I moved your post to it's own thread so I can address it directly.


From what you are describing the game is desyncing for you when it can connect. Is this disconnection issue something that occurred recently or an issue you've always had with the game?


Are you hosting or acting as a client for the game?


While I understand you have checked these already, can you please confirm the following details for the host and client:


Host or Client:

Upload Speeds (while playing the game):

Download Speeds (While playing the game):

NAT type:

Wired or Wireless connection:

Internet Service Provider (ISP):

Router connected to console:

How many console connected to same router:


There is an issue the team are investigating where some players have an issue playing multiplayer but I will do my best to assist. When you say you tried bypassing the router have you tried using another device to broadcast a signal? (eg: Phone or tablet)



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Hi otb Scarface,


I am sorry to hear you are having the same issues. As everyones setup and connections differ, please start a new thread with the same information I requested above from Sin 014 and I will address your issue directly - this will help prevent confusion between responses in this thread.


Thank you,


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