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MD5 Error

Ace Ushiro

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Map Type:

Seed/Save Name:

Disk or Digital: Digital

Difficulty: adv

Run: default

Aggression: normal

Day length: 18

Drop On Death: backpack only

Enemy memory: 30

Enemy Spawning: low

Block durability: 25

Loot respawn time: 5

Loot abundance: 200

Airdrops: 24

24 hour cycle: 120

In-game Day: 31

Installed Game Location (Console / HDD): Console

Remaining Space in install Location: 100+gb


I've had this happen to me before however I hadn't done research till this time.

my base was on bed rock with 4 forges running smelting stone/iron/clay I had just dug out a super long tunnel with a pickax on the way back I used an auger to make the tunnel much taller. (Just a method of mining i use) after making it back to the base (all of this being on bedrock) I left my game running so that my forges would get some ground. I came back to my xbox on the dashboard. I loaded up and appeared on the surface Half the surface portion of my base gone the ground all filleed in with stone etc. Took me a few seconds to process what had happened. x)

All of my stuff was on bedrock. I knew it was all gone x(

after reading through the forums I realized I had many things that could have caused issues

30+ lights on/off

4 forges/1 cement mixer going fulll stride next to two workbenches and two camp fires all in a compact area

A FLEET OF TREES growing nearby ..... x(


I read about the work around and now that I know of it at least I have that as a chance to save future games.


Clare, I want to thank you and the dev team for all your effort and hard work. Hopefully this can be resolved soon :)

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Hi Ace Ushiro,


I am sorry to hear that your bedrock base was wiped.


I appreciate you taking the time to both read the information here on the forums and the submit your own detailed report on the issue, thank you.


Hopefully the workaround can now help you avoid the MD5 error in the future while the team works on finding a solution. Thank you for your support.



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