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My Friend's Profile Is Lost


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Hello, I recently had to factory reset my computer, but I backed up all of my 7d2d Server files and local files.


I tried to start a server yesterday with this data and everything worked, except my friend's profile is empty, with no items or skills.


How can I put my friend's profile back on the server?


Remember, I saved all of the data that was on my host machine. But I don't think that my friend saved anything on their machine. Please tell me there is some hope!

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Well - should have included a bunch more info as indicated by the sticky thread - which you're supposed to read... A dedi at your house or a rented, etc. Type of map (not too difficult nor necessary).


Well this is a tricky one Because I haven't had to do this with my rented dedi but from doing my own search - which you could do - It seems that their profile should be on your dedi archives. Might want to verify that first... Its in the saves folder (indicated by the serverconfig.ini file) and within that you'll find a 'map'/'game' folder - which is to say that depending on the type of game you play: Navesgane or MP you'll find those folders there. If you play many MP games - then you'll find each under the game seed name. If its only you and your friend then within either the Navesgane or 'seed name' folder you'll see a couple of folders with a tonne of numbers... Each number is a persons SteamID - which you can look up to verify what folder belongs to whom. You should check you're archives folders to see dates and times and sizes and verify that with what's currently on the dedi... If different then copy those over to the dedi, reboot and then look again. I have it in my head that for some reason(s) - especially on rented dedi's they don't always copy over...


Now - if the folders and files don't match with the archives then you'll probably be 'easiest' for you to copy it back over onto the dedi and onto his system. Not sure if they need to need to copy over the folder with the files or just the files... There are two - (SteamID#).ttp & (SteamID#).map files. Not sure exactly where they need them either, but they should be able to find the current ones and just overwrite them with the archived ones. IF it turns out that they have to 'restart again' by picking a 'character' then make sure they got persistent profiles checked in their options!

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