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[PS4] [Exploit] Multiplayer Item Duplication Bug


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Version: PS4 - 1.18

Game Type: Creative Multiplayer

Map Type: Navezgane

Seed/Save Name: bugtest

Disk or Digital: Both (see “Extras” below)

DLC: none

Character: Hank

Remaining Space in install Location: 1.83 TB

Step by Step


It takes two players working together to exploit this bug.


1. Either player places items to be duplicated into a chest (used secure storage chest, apache artifact chest, and mountain man chest for this test) and exits the chest inventory afterwards.


2. Player A equips something to destroy the chest using (such as an ax) and proceeds to start destroying the chest until only a few hit points are left on it.


3. Player B (must not be the host) opens the chest and moves the items from the chest to his inventory one at a time (not using L3 to move all items and close the chest automatically). Player B keeps the chest open.


4. Player A then deals the final hit on the chest to destroy it.


The Bug


When the chest is destroyed an item named 'Dropped Loot' is left behind on the ground which contains copies of the items that were in the chest before Player A removed them. Player A retains the items removed as well, therefore creating copies of the items. If the host is the one to remove the items before chest is destroyed, then the Dropped Loot item is not created.




For purposes of this report, new games were created using the settings shown above (in “Setup”) first using the disc-based copy as the host, and then a digital copy as the host. The exploit works regardless of a disc-based host or digital host. I also observed this bug in a Survival Multiplayer Navezgane and a Survival Multiplayer Random game.


This bug may be same one reported in this post from a month ago:



I'd like to thank my closest PSN friends for helping to document the details of this bug.

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Hi Smackdown,


Thank you so much for reporting this bug in great detail and using the bug report format. I shall pass it onto the team members for investigation. If there are any further questions I shall post them here.


Thank you again for taking the time to submit this, it is greatly appreciated.


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