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My Journal Part 1


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My Journal




I started this journal so I can get a grip. But to be more clear. To keep me from going crazy. It seems like I died and went to hell.


Day 1

The last thing I remember was being on a flight. It was late and I had fallen sleep when I was awakened to what I think was the aircraft being stuck, I don’t know… Though the confusion I could tell that we were going down.

I must have blacked out. I woke up on the ground, alone in the middle of this forest. The sun was up but I could barely see due to all the smoke and haze. It seemed like everything was on fire and I could hear the crackling all over the place. I didn't know how I got there. I just knew that I had to get out of the area. The only problem was, I had no idea where I was or where I was going. I could barely see and was choking on all the smoke. It was so bad it made my eyes water. It looked like the aftermath of a forest fire.


I ran into some people but something was wrong with them. Saw them stumbling around as if dazed. At first I thought it was shock so I tried to talk to them. One of them tried to attack me and chased me a ways. I found others that were acting the same way, so I avoided them. Some of the others seemed to be on fire. But the craziest thing was that they didn't seem to care. What the hell is going on?


Though the patches of the thick haze, I could still see the sun and could see that I was heading east. At least I still think it’s morning but I have no idea how long I was out. I just kept walking. The smoky haze started to clear and I found myself standing in a desert.

Thankfully, I was in the scouts and had learned survival training. I knew things which most people didn't. Like how to make tools and weapons out of what I could find. How to hunt and I knew about the plants here.

I knew that the Yucca plant while not very appetizing was still edible. That it could be made into a drink that could both hydrate and cool me down if I had something to put it in.

That the Aloe vera plant could be used as a salve to heal both burns and wounds. Both plants were plentiful in the desert.


If all else fails, I could always build a fire and boil water in these tin cans I found. At least it could keep me hydrated.


I started collecting what I could find since I did not know what else to do.


I came upon a small city. One with tall buildings. The whole place was a total wreck, it looked like something out of a WWII pitchers of bombed cities.

I found more people,well just more of those crazy people who try to attack me on sight. I made a club to protect myself. I went into a hotel that was apparently still under construction before this. It was called The Ostrich hotel, weird name. I found pots and food apparently left by the construction workers.

I could tell that it was going to be very hot the next day. So I found some leather couches and stripped them of their leather and made a poncho out of them to stay cool. Also make a western styled hat out of the tall grass here.


It is getting dark now so I am built a fire. Staying in front of the hotel, I wouldn’t want to be cornered in a room with those crazy’s running around. Thankfully, none of them got close but I could still hear them.


Day 2

Did I even sleep last night? I don’t even know. I decided to look around to see what I could find out more of what happened. I started a search pattern in an ever widening circle to cover the most area. I could have used the time to scavenge but really wanted to know what had happened.

As I was going, I found alot of trash, some of it was newspapers with a date just a few days old. I read the headlines about some sort of flu epidemic spreading throughout the whole area. From what I could gather, it seemed to explain why these people were acting this way. But how did these buildings get this way?… Not sure. Still no luck in finding a water sources, other than a few jars of it.

I did find out that the desert was not that big and that other plants like the goldenrod flower were nearby. Goldenrod was is good for hydration and for treating dysentery. I make some over my fire that night with a few jars of water I could find.


Day 3

The next day, I woke up to the fact that my water was running low and really needed to find some. I could survive by drinking the juice of the Yucca plant and these jars of water I found. But not for long.


I went out further from my makeshift camp. Still headed east. The reason for this was simple. I could see the low mountains in the distance. If I could scale them. I could see farther and would have a better chance at finding water. Sure enough, it worked. I found a rather large lake. As I was starting down, I noticed some deer. I hunted and with a knife that I made from bone, managed to get most of the meat, leather and animal fat from it before going to the lake. I knew that the fat could be used to making candles or even a torch.


It was starting to get dark by the time I got to the lakes edge. So I set up camp and a fire to boil water. I could still see the HiRISE’s of the town I left. I could see that it was around 2 to 3 KM’ from where I was and marked it on my makeshift map.

That night I cooked the venison with some wild eggs, which strangely tasted like ham and eggs that I used to have when growing up. I also boiled some goldenrod tea. It was really filling and for the first time since getting here, I feel stronger and getting sleepy. I filled my jars with water but was too tired to boil it. Figured to do that when I got back.

I decided that I would followed the lake south to see where it led me. I soon fell asleep by the fire.


Day 4

I awoke suddenly in pitch blackness to what sounded like a lot of marching feet. A lot of people walking this way. Then I heard the moans. This froze me to the core. I looked over and though the firelight I saw them. Dozens of those crazy sick people. They were right on top of me. Only the fires glare, blinding them to me and my quick thinking saved me from getting overrun. I ran into the lake and stayed quite as I waited for them to pass.

These people seemed mindless walking next to the shore and right though my camp. They passed without even noticing me in the water. Some even seemed to walk though my camp fire as if it wasn’t there. Unbelievable...

After I was sure they were gone. I waded to shore and checked on my things.

I laid down, too tired to get out of my wet clothing but did not get much rest. Still hearing at least one of them in the distance.


I traveled south along the lake. I went through areas that reminded me of that burnt forst that I woke up in. As I kept headed south I came to an area that look like a total Wasteland. The whole place looked a city that was carpet-bombed so badly that there was hardly anything standing. The wind is really picking up here and the stench of the dead is almost unbearable.

A tripped on something that exploded. I’m hurt, my leg… Don’t know what it was but the only thing that saved me was that it exploded behind me, like it had a delayed fuse. Had I been on top of it…

Thankfully I had some of that Aloe vera with me and I used it to patch myself up.

Against my better judgment I decide to cross though that area because it is the quickest way home. I am thankful that the even was mostly uneventful but for an aircraft passing overhead. I wave to it franticly bit they don’t seem to see me. But they did drop this box by parachute. I go over and open it to find some useful supplies.


I managed to make it back to my starter camp just as it was getting dark. I put away my stuff and boiled the water. Then started gathering clay with a makeshift stone shovel that I made. Crude but it works.


Day 5

I started exploring one of the HiRISE’s, it was very badly damaged. So badly that the stairwell was missing. I had to find my way around to get up to the other floors.

I got attacked by one of those crazy’s. It hit me with something and I was bleeding badly. I got away but I was out of bangies so I tore up a T-shirt that I found and made a bangies to stop the bleeding. The building was full of crazy people I did not find very much useful stuff on the lower floors. I figured that there may be better stuff higher up but it wasn’t worth the risk. So I left to try again latter, maybe.

I raided a bookstore and took anything useful including a book for something called a minibike. I did see a gas station near here. Maybe I can get some of the stuff I need from there. I found tires that I had to pry up with my stone ax, sometimes they break up and are useless. But I soon found the tire tread that I need for the bike.

It would be nice to have some wheels to get around. Maybe even find help. I’ll think I will start working on it tonight.

I knew I would need both the forge and I made a makeshift workbench to get started.







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