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A16 - Blacksafe Simple UI


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What this mod is:


Blacksafe Simple UI is a UI/HUD mod, derived from stedman420's Simple UI, which places more information on screen and makes certain aspects of the UI more visually appealing.


This is a lightly modified version of Simple UI, including:


- 13 slots for buff timers, increased from 8

- Buff timers and quest tracker remain visible when backpack is open

- Buff description popups above toolbelt restored

- All input/output and storage slots restored to vanilla

- Stamina, Food, Water, and Temperature indicators rearranged and resized to accommodate vanilla health bar


Unchanged features from Simple UI include:


- Enlarged toolbelt slots.

- Removed borders from toolbelt slots and bar.

- Toolbelt backround is now a very transparent black.

- Toolbelt slots now have key numbers in top left corner.

- Toolbelt holding color is now green.

- Experience progress bar added above the tool belt.

- Player level with icon added to the top left of the toolbelt.

- Player deaths with icon added to the bottom left of the toolbelt.

- Zombie kill counter with icon added to the top right of the toolbelt.

- PVP kill counter with icon added to the bottom right of the toolbelt.

- Two indicators were added to the top and bottom of the compass to show which way you're facing.

- Outside temp, and Elevation added to the right of day and time under the compass.



Images and Download via Nexus: Blacksafe Simple UI (v1.0 for 16.4)


Thanks for downloading! Enjoy!

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